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Diamond Belle Ranch Fishing

High Mountain Fishing

You may have fished in some great locations, but you haven't really lived until you have fished in a pristine private highland lake like Walker Lake at the Diamond Belle Ranch.

Our Walker Lake is 44 acres of clear, clean spring-fed wonderfulness that trout just love. We protect the environment by only allowing fly-fishing, catch and release. Better yet, we treat the lake with kid gloves to ensure an unspoiled oasis. The lake is open in spring and autumn only.

Fishermen & Fisherwomen

The number of fishers on the lake at any one time is limited, so please reserve your spot when renting a room or the entire lodge. After a pleasant day of fishing, you will love the large kitchen where you can feast and feed your group. Sitting in front of the giant fireplace in the great room is a great place to share stories and spin yarns.

Schedule & Prices

Spring fishing is open from Mid-April through Early June. Autumn fishing is open from Mid September until the end of October. Call for the current schedule and available dates. Fishers are welcome from dawn until sunset.

  • Full Day Fishing is $65.00 + tax
  • Half Day Fishing morning is $39.00 + tax
  • Half Day Fishing afternoon is $39.000 + Tax

Morning half-day starts at sunrise and ends at 1pm. Afternoon half-day starts at 2pm and ends at sunset. Fishing rates do not include lodging which must be scheduled separately. Fishing and lodging are first-come first-serve. Payment for fishing reservations is due at the time of booking .

Fishing Guides

If you are not a highly experienced fisher or if you have never fished in your life, don't worry. Our onsite manager is an expert, and you can book his time for a personalized introduction to fly fishing and the superb conditions at Walker Lake. Be sure to let us know in advance, so he has lots of time to spend with you.

If you are a professional guide, you too are welcome at the Belle. Just have your clients book with us directly and give us your name, or you can take care of all the reservations.

Give us a call to get started (509) 486-1270

  • Address: 260 Diamond Belle Road
  • Hours: Sunrise to Sunset
  • Phone: (509) 486-1270
  • Email:
  • Website: DiamondBelleRanch.com