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Vacation Homes For Charity

There are 1000’s of charities in dire need of live auction items. Our goal is to make the process of donating time at a vacation home to a charity easy and efficient for all parties. In the fall of 2008, we at The Society opened up our platform to help charities source vacation homes for their auctions and other fund raising events. We tested this new service in the fall all parties including homeowners, property managers, real estate brokers, and charities were delighted. We created VacationHomesForCharity.org to highlight upcoming events, success stories and news regarding this new service. For 2009 we have some audacious goals: we are going to giveaway over 1000 nights to charities! It’s time to go big and the charities need our help. If you own a vacation home or know someone with a vacation home then contact us immediately or register at VacationHomesForCharity.org and get involved today.