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Wales Association of Self Catering Operators

WASCO membership is open to one-property owners/managers, multi-property businesses and even to the large agencies. They invite anyone who has a self-catering business in Wales to join. Member have access to an extensive range of services, support and benefits to help promote and develop your business. Ordinary Membership Membership without the marketing benefits starts at a very modest subscription rate of £30 per year for owners with just one property. Members can choose to add a web page at any time from £70 as long as your business is quality assured to the UK common Standard. Ordinary Members without a web page entry still get the full range of advice, industry representation, events and networking opportunities, supplier discounts, a line-entry on the WASCO members’ website and support from industry experts. Agency Agency Membership is available to businesses that manage self-catering properties for other people but who are still able to offer a direct and personal service. Contact the Membership Secretary for further details on Agency Membership. Web pages for Agencies display in each of the marketing areas if desired, whereas ordinary members’ pages only search in the marketing area they are located, e.g. Snowdonia Mountains and Coast) Website advertising WASCO constitution requires that advertising on their exclusive members only website at www.walescottages.co.uk (which has a very high ranking on Google) is only available to owners whose properties have achieved a Quality Assurance grading to the UK common standard, such as that run by VisitWales, or quality graded by the AA.