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New Washington State Vacation Rental Website

(News Item #0271, Published: 06/01/12, Author: William Victor May, WAVRMA.org)

Washington State Vacation Rental Managers Association Listings

Visitors to Washington State have a new and better way to find Vacation Rentals in every corner of the state. The Washington State Vacation Rental Managers Association (www.WAVRMA.org) has just opened a state wide directory of rentals exclusively from its membership at WAVRMA.com.

The new website includes only homes from qualified professional managers. Guests can be assured of clean, well furnished homes and quality guest services. Renting from a manager eliminates the risk of absentee owners, inattentive staff and ruined vacations.

"Our group has been around for years and now we are putting all our homes in a single location to make it easier for guests to rent from a pro, "said Gail Adair a member of the Association.

WAVRMA.com has an unlimited number of photos, uses Google videos and includes complete description of bedrooms, amenities and other features.

Available dates and rates can be shown. Many homes and managers have been certified by the Vacation Rental Association (VRIA.org) a national not-for-profit trade association.

The listing process is coordinated through the the Vacation Rental Multiple Listing Service (www.VRMLS.org) the first of its kind and provided by the Vacation Rental Association. The MLS makes listing and update properties quick and accurate.

Brigitte Long, membership coordination for WAVRMA said, "We often hear from guests who have had a bad experience renting directly from owners. While some owners do well, others treat the business like a hobby which can back fire for guests when they need assistance or a local touch. Our members are they to help."

Through the website guests can easily contact manager directly by form, email or telephone reducing the back and forth or on-hold time incurred in renting from owners directly.

With the new website, visitors no longer have to take a chance wondering if the person they are renting from offers full service professional assistance or is a hobby owner living hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Guest use of the WAVRMA.com website is free and available now.

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Formed in 2004, the Washington State Vacation Rental Managers Association (WAVRMA.org) is a not-for-profit group working together for the growth and betterment of the industry. Membership is open to all businesses and individual which provide management of cabins, condos, houses and other similar nightly rental accommodations. Membership is free and volunteers insure that the group is an open-forum for open dialogue and sharing. WAVRMA can be reached at 206-701-9142.

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Formed in 2002, the Vacation Rental Association (VRIA.org) is the only industry wide not-for-profit trade association for the industry. Membership is available to property owners, managers and suppliers for a nominal fee. Services include collaboration, government intervention , conferences and the world's first vacation rental multiple listing service. The VRIA number is 866-925-7083

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The Vacation Rental Multiple Listing services (www.VRMLS.org) is owned by the Vacation Rental Association (VRIA.org) and is the first open-submission, open-distribution method where owners and managers can list their property once and then choose from hundreds of websites on which to advertise with a single click. Use of the service is free and many of the website listings are free, or at nominal cost. All VRIA members can use the service.